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Wombology is a blindfolded contact improvisational fluid free form dance and playful movement exploration allowing us to safely explore and process spatial awareness within a constantly changing environment of bodies in constant motion.

Within this nonverbal and sightless world we gain access to a direct experience with co-creating collective consciousness while engaging our kinesthetic mirror neurons and using tools to safely navigate our boundaries to cultivate a deeper awareness of trust with ourselves and others.

By creatively crafting new pathways through consciousness with honor, integrity and blindfolds we seek to help the participants to be part of a greater evolving whole safely showing us the light within and how to make more conscious choices from the moment.

Grab a Blindfold, dive On iN. Interact cReAtIvLy and most of all have FUN!


We look forward to sharing more of this beautiful movement technology at a movement studio, retreat or as a festival day workshop near you. Wombology events take place mostly in Seattle, with events in Portland Oregon and Oakland California. Until then please feel free to visit our YouTube channel to see more mesmerizing blindfolded flow and our page for our monthly dive into the blindfield. 

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Our Facilitator Training

~Coming Soon!

We offer classes on various aspects of blindfolded movement exploration, from boundary and consent navigation, safe body movement and holding healing space for those moving through a variety of personal challenges 

These 2 & 3 day workshops include 3 hour Wombology event, facilitated discussions on boundary and consent navigation, safe body movement, holding healing space and advanced concepts in movement research with a demo in somatic neuro mimicry

Trained Wombology facilitators can guide participants at your next event! Our goal is to help all levels of movers to ease safely into a deep and powerful experience so that no matter where you're coming from.. you'll have a wonderful time


Join our Wombology Facilitator Team !

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Ethan Clarkmoore

Creator and founder of Wombology, Ethan has been facilitating and refining these blindfolded events for over 15 years

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