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What Participants Say

"Thank you Ethan Clarkmoore for the amazing evening. I was so elated to play for you all. It's always such an interesting experience playing for a group of people that is listening so deeply.

If you liked the music, just today I released a new EP with some of the songs I played: "

"At the end of Wombology I played the Autoharp live. Here is a recording. thought you might enjoy it." 

"This evening was singularly excellent, and your live creation took it to a whole new realm. I dived (yes) afterwards into your discography and have been bouncing and smiling to Immerge between & since... And today's the day! Yes! Oh, yes."

"Isaac! Loved the experience you co-created with Ethan ...freaking magic! Many thanks!!"

"That was wonderful! My being feels fully nurtured from the womb! Such a profound practice! Much Bliss. Thank you to everyone - you all showed up so authentically! and

Ethan Clarkmoore for facilitation... much appreciation."

"Meet seed woman. This is how I felt in my body on Saturday night. I didn't quite remember the quote as it is, but that happens in wombology...brain gets a little mushy. Such vivid dreams after. Lots of water...walking on a stone path through water, walking along a white sandy path toward a beautiful ocean shore, floating down a blue/green river in a boat, navigating rapids, and on and on....."

"Unfurling and uncurling indeed! Thank you for being you, for creating and holding this space. I love the lyrical way you express yourself, tis very fluid."

"I woke up this morning from a dream of being entwind in bodies... Thanks all for playing and sharing. In wonder."

"Ethan - much gratitude for this special and memorable experience! You will see me next time, I suspect. Saturday was a magical awareness-provoking day for me."

"That was .... AMAZING. Thank you so much Ethan Clarkmoore"

"Ethan, thank you for creating that beautiful space last night. I appreciate your ten years of experimenting and the wisdom gleaned from that, and the care to each person's experience. I also appreciate your positive friendly energy and the space you opened for playfulness and joy."

"A heartfelt thanks to all the beautiful souls that came out to share such a magical evening. Thanks to Isaac Cotec

for letting me sit in on harp, and all of the wombologists for allowing me to weave into the dance. Looking forward to next time!

If you would like to hear more of my music you can do so at"

"This was great! Thank you Ethan for holding such a safe and fun container, thanks Shawn for always knowing where the party is, thanks Jasmine for your sweet enthusiasm for this improv form, thanks Mark for yummy dances, and thank you Amy for giggles!!"

"Last Sensoria journey was Sooooo Good! I was transported to a magical place.

Amazing experience, amazing facilitation Ethan! Thank you so much."

"Saturday night's blindfolded dance flow was AWESOME!

Thank you, Ethan, for creating such a beautiful, intentional container that allowed for such a deep dive."

"Fantastically good time, even for my ankle- two pins in it still causes me pain but not at wombology. Exploring movement as seaweed, jellyfish, earth worm push soil with my legs bound together, or with my hands bound together what new ways can i enter into places in the dark without reaching into the unknown.


Someone in the group said during open discussion (after each jam) that his ribs are his fingers because they sense where are the connection of another is. He looks with his rib cage, reaching out and finding another's core, since this dance is done from the core of our body and not our limbs.


Being blindfolded I was touched with respect, playfully, engaged, and found our hands to be antenna like that of an ant. They talked for the rest of our body parts. Doing contact dance to music really made our movements and connections a sweet experience."

Ethan Clarkmoore

Creator and founder of Wombology, Ethan has been facilitating and refining these blindfolded events for over 15 years

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