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Blindfolded Movement


What is it?

Wombology is a blindfolded contact improvisational fluid free form dance and playful movement exploration allowing us to safely explore and process spatial awareness within a constantly changing environment of bodies in constant motion.

~ See with your body.. not with your eyes..

Within this nonverbal, nonsexual and sightless world we gain access to a direct experience with co-creating collective consciousness while engaging our kinesthetic mirror neurons and using tools to safely navigate our boundaries to cultivate a deeper awareness of trust with ourselves and others.

There are three soft and squishy movement zones connected by tactile pathways. A place for collective dance, a place for partnered dance and an area for solo movement and personal reflection. You are welcome to explore the area that feels right to you.

Some do contact, yoga, acro, crawl, sit, lay, roll, dance, explore, move, be and generally have an awesome time in the blindfield with an emphasis on flow ~

You do not have to be experienced as we keep it slow and kinetically low --> slow and low. With sighted monitors to help with safety.

~   ~   ~

70% of our brains activity is taken up by sight, processing and reacting to all the data we get through the visual cortex. Shut that off and suddenly the other 30% becomes our 100% making it easier for base reactions come to the surface for us to become aware of, analyze and process.

Without verbal or visual modes of transmission between the mirror neurons between people, we're no longer able to tell if there is dissonance in thought and unable to label using those senses. This reduces the triggering of neurochemical defense mechanisms such as neuroepinephrine, so you are free to experience, process or release anything that comes up for you without the need for the usual emotional guards that protect your vulnerability within a co-created container of sightless anonymity.

Stepping beyond sight allows us to reprogram our reactions to an intimate environment on a deeper level.


By creatively crafting new pathways through consciousness with honor, integrity and blindfolds we seek to help the participants to be part of a greater evolving whole safely showing us the light within and how to make more conscious choices from the moment.

Grab a Blindfold, dive On iN. Interact cReAtIvLy and most of all have FUN!

Feel free to stop during or after any round to take a break and watch.

We will do some mingling, warm up activities, discussion about boundaries and toning to gather the sounds we each carry in our souls. Then with our blindfolds on, we'll dive into three rounds of soundless, sightless ecstatic bliss.


1st Round: The first round is short so you can get a taste of the experience without feeling stuck in it too long if challenges arise for you. This round is fondly called the knees and elbows round as we are still often easing in and learning to relax into the blindfield. 


~ Between rounds we circle up to have a verbal accountability check in and share about our experience. 

2nd Round: The second round is often more relaxed as we know more of what to expect and can engage in the activity with different approaches we may have learned of in our circle discussion. 

~ During our discussion circle we share about moments both awesome and awkward, at times challenges can arise and the facilitator will help provide insight.

3rd Round: By the third round we've begun to create a collective biofield and have adapted to a more somatic way of communicating. During this round the facilitator may instruct the dancers to rise up for standing movement flow. 

~ Closing Circle is the time when our journey through the blindfield is nearing its end and we have a chance to reflect and discuss the experience as a whole and how rounds may have felt different from each other. It is an opportunity to rest in the glow of our collective biofield. 


How it all began.. 

One night the phone rings and upon answering a familiar voice says.. "I bought your ticket.. be ready in 15 min.." then hangs up.

After a mystery filled car ride down to the Velocity dance studio with an old friend I'm handed a blindfold and guided through a curtain. No orientation.. no idea what it's all about.. I was cast into the dark in what would become one of the most profound blindfolded experiences of my life. 

After 2 hours of blindfolded exploration and some deep discussion, Karl Frost and his crew of contact dancers headed back to Berkley leaving me wide open to the possibilities of blindfolded exploration. 

~ I wanted more! ..and over the days and weeks ahead the experimentation began. 

Groups of friends gathered for two early proto events of what would eventually become Wombology. Soon I was invited to offer it as a warm up activity for a local dance event after which many people came up to me and told me how amazing and transformative it was for them. Then I was offered space to hold regular public events. 

After taking a break to have a child and go to college I was being asked again and again to facilitate blindfolded movement. 

Then began three years of near monthly events in Seattle, Portland and Oakland with the addition of live local musicians weaving electronica with traditional instruments such as harp & hang drum to create ethereal sonic landscapes for participants.


After a decade of refining the events it was time to take a break.. unfortunately I was in a terrible scooter accident that left me 17 broken bones and broken legs.. unable to walk. 

After a long road to recovery it's time to bring back this amazing movement technology and train the next generation of Wombology movement facilitators. 


~   ~   ~

Ethan also has a degree in Nanotechnology Engineering and is an avid researcher of space weather and climate dynamics with published works. 

A creative designer and maker as well as a father to his daughter Akasha. He has a passion for new and innovative ideas.


Ethan Clarkmoore

Creator and founder of Wombology, Ethan has been facilitating and refining these blindfolded events for over 15 years

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