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Our Wombology Training

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Wombology Facilitator Training

Over the years I've had many people recognize the powerful healing that can come from this modality and asked me about taking them as students to learn how to facilitate Wombology events. 

Wombology has been carefully designed to help people from different backgrounds with a variety of lessons ~ ease smoothly into a deep space of profound learning through touch positivity and playful exploration.. while maintaining a high level of boundary awareness. 

In the facilitator training program we'll go step by step through the event Intro and why it's designed the way it is to keep a positive experience for all the participants. 

We'll discuss how to evaluate event locations and potential risks in choosing where to have an event as well as marketing techniques to help get the word out about an event you are throwing. 

Together we will go over safety protocol and additional things to consider and risks to look out for. 


We go into how to discuss sultry energy should it arise during an event and how to keep it from becoming problematic. 

We'll go in depth on somatic movement theory and neurological aspects of the blindfolded experience.. including discussion on advanced movement research and a demo on somatic neuro mimicry as examples of future exploration.    


Trained Wombology facilitators can guide participants at your next event! Our goal is to help all levels of movers to ease safely into a deep and powerful experience so that no matter where you're coming from.. you'll have a wonderful time

These 2 & 3 day workshops include 3 hour Wombology event, facilitated discussions on boundary and consent navigation, safe body movement, holding healing space and advanced concepts in movement research with a demo in somatic neuro mimicry

We offer classes on various aspects of blindfolded movement exploration, from boundary and consent navigation, safe body movement and holding healing space for those moving through a variety of personal challenges 

Ethan Clarkmoore

Creator and founder of Wombology, Ethan has been facilitating and refining these blindfolded events for over 15 years

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